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FAQ silicon spheres pharmacy

How can I know if I should acquire PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI to perform my pelvic floor exercises?

As a general rule, we recommend PELVIMAX for young women who have not yet reached menopause and have vaginas openings of average size (women who do not typically feel pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse). PELVIMAX MINI is especially designed for women with vaginal openings that are smaller than average, for women who suffer from vaginal dryness, for women who have reached menopause and for women who experience pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse.
In either case, the application of INTIMAX, a water-based moisturizer to the spheres and/or the entrance of the vagina, will facilitate the insertion of the spheres.
Please be alert as other moisturizers might damage the silicone the spheres are made of.

Why are the PELVIMAX spheres joined by a string and the PELVIMAX MINI spheres are separated from each other?

With the passage of time, the pelvic floor muscles weaken and therefore it becomes more difficult to retain the spheres inside the vagina. For this reason, we recommend PELVIMAX MINI for women who have reached menopause, as these spheres are smaller and lighter than PELVIMAX.
Additionally, the use of individual spheres makes the Kegel exercises even easier to implement. PELVIMAX MINI enables women to implement a progressive therapeutic regimen, using the smaller, lighter sphere initially and moving to the larger, heavier sphere as progress is made.

My gynecologist has recommended I use PELVIMAX, but I find it very hard to retain the second sphere inside my vagina. Is that normal?

The degree of difficulty when it comes to retaining the PELVIMAX spheres inside your vagina is directly related to the initial state of your pelvic floor muscles. The more weakened your pelvic floor muscles are, the more difficult it will be to retain the spheres inside your vagina.
Do not be concerned if you cannot retain both spheres simultaneously for too long at the beginning of your therapeutic regimen. It is important to perform the exercises daily, even if it is just for a few minutes, and gradually increase the duration of use. Maximum results will only be achieved through perseverance.
Most women who cannot retain both spheres simultaneously at the beginning of the therapeutic regimen, manage to do so after 3 or 4 months of use.
However, as an alternative, when the state of the pelvic floor muscles is far from optimal and therefore it is impossible to retain both spheres simultaneously even for only a few seconds, the string that joins the PELVIMAX spheres can be cut off in order to perform the exercises with only one sphere.
If using only one sphere you are still not able to retain it inside your vagina, please, consult your physician. Because of its reduced size and weight, it is possible that your physician will recommend you use PELVIMAX MINI.

Once I am using PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI, how do I perform the Kegel exercises?

The spheres' natural tendency to descend while standing up stimulates the pelvic floor muscles to spontaneously contract to retain them inside the vagina. These contractions are known as "Kegel exercises" and they will be performed automatically after placement of the spheres inside the vagina.
Once the spheres have been inserted, walk around slowly and gently, tightening the pelvic floor muscles to retain the spheres inside. This is all you need to focus on!
If no results are achieved after 12 weeks of use, please consult your physician.

What is the difference between PELVIMAX & PELVIMAX MINI and the so-called "geysha balls"?

There are different types of geysha balls but the materials they are often made of are of low quality such as plastic and latex. The material used in PELVIMAX & PELVIMAX MINI is hypoallergenic silicone of the highest quality.
Geysha balls’ main aim is to provide pleasant sexual sensation. This explains why the sales channels where they are sold are sex-shops.
Although many women find it pleasurable to use PELVIMAX & PELVIMAX MINI, the spheres are medically-approved treatments whose sole objective is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. PELVIMAX & PELVIMAX MINI prepare the muscles floors for pregnancy, restore pelvic floor muscle strength after childbirth, enable the optimal performance of Kegel exercises, improve and/or eliminate stress urinary incontinence, prevent and treat pelvic prolapse and increase sexual sensation.
PELVIMAX & PELVIMAX MINI are medical devices sold at pharmacies and health stores and have undergone strict health controls.

What is the duration of use of PELVIMAX & PELVIMAX MINI?

Please consult your physician for optimum duration of use.
As a general rule, the recommended PELVIMAX & PELVIMAX MINI duration of use is twice a day for a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of one hour in total (initial therapy).
Once results are noticeable, use PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI two to three times weekly to maintain regained muscle strength (maintenance therapy).
It is important to stand up while using PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI and walk around slowly and gently; do not sit down or lie down while using the spheres.
With PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI in place, each movement causes the metallic ball that is embedded inside the spheres to vibrate and generate smooth waves of contractions that stimulate, exercise, and massage the pelvic area.

How should I take care of PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI?

Remove PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI from the anti-tampering packaging and wash with warm water and neutral pH soap before use. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry them or use a clean cloth.
Make sure the moisturizer you use to facilitate the spheres' insertion is water-based, like INTIMAX. Other moisturizers or lubricants might damage the spheres' silicone.

Should I sterilize the spheres before use?

It is not necessary nor recommended to sterilize the spheres.  The spheres ' silicone will be damaged if exposed to boiling water, alcohol or other harsh products.

How long will it take to achieve results with PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI?

The results will depend on the initial state of your pelvic floor muscles.
Improvement can be seen as early as 15 days. However, maximum results are typically achieved between 4 weeks and 3 months, depending on initial state.
Bear in mind that results will greatly depend on the determination to perform the daily exercise routine.
It is important to incorporate the practice of Kegel exercises with PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI to your daily exercise routine in order to maximize results.


The use of INTIMAX is very easy. Just apply a small amount on the spheres and on the entrance of the vagina. INTIMAX will significantly facilitate the insertion process.

Is it safe to use INTIMAX during sex?

Of course it is. INTIMAX is compatible with the use of condoms. It has a very pleasant texture that facilitates intercourse. It does not smell, it does not stain and it is not sticky! INTIMAX makes the sexual experience easier and more pleasurable.
In addition, one of INTIMAX main ingredients is allantoin (the popular snail protein owns its amazing properties to allantoin) thanks to which, INTIMAX moisturizes, provides vaginal & vulva comfort especially during menopause and postpartum, and relieves vaginal & vulva stinging and dryness.


PELVIMAX, PELVIMAX MINI & INTIMAX are available at pharmacies and health stores across the country.
The recommended retail price is: 22 euros for PELVIMAX & PELVIMAX MINI and 9.50 euros for INTIMAX.
National Codes for these healthcare products will make it easier for the pharmacist to locate them.
  • PELVIMAX National Code: 154279
  • PELVIMAX MINI National Code: 164998
  • INTIMAX National Code: 159769
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