EN Ejercicios Kegel


ejercicios kegel inglesKegel exercises were designed by the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel in the 40s in order to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and improve his patients' urinary incontinence problems.


Kegel exercises consist in the contraction of the pubococcygeus muscle (PC), the main muscle of the pelvic floor. The PC has the shape of a deck chair and it spans from the pubis bone to the coccyx. Its function is to hold the pelvic organs maintaining them in their correct position. This muscle controls the flow of urine and is responsible for the pleasant contractions that are experimented during an orgasm.

 Kegel exercises are designed to recover pelvic floor muscle strength and are recommended by midwifes and gynecologists especially for pregnant women, for women who need to recover their muscle tone after giving birth, for women who suffer urinary incontinence and for those who endure sexual dysfunctions.

 The initial problem that many women experience when trying to perform Kegel exercises is that it is not easy to locate the pubococcygeus muscle. A simple exercise that makes it possible to locate this muscle consists in voluntarily interrupting the urine flow. The muscle which makes this contraction possible is the pubococcygeous. However, it is not recommended to perform this exercise as usual therapy as it can cause urinary infections.

 Doctor Kegel did not conceive these exercises to be performed with an empty vagina. In fact, he designed an original device which shared the same goal as PELVIMAX and PELVIMAX MINI. However, with the passage of time, the original message has been gradually lost and at the present time many woman perform their Kegel exercises without the aid of an additional device.
A clinical study shows that the results obtained thanks to the practice of Kegel exercises are more effective when they are done with a vaginal device such as PELVIMAX & PELVIMAX MINI than without the aid of a vaginal device.

 Many women who perform Kegel exercises without the aid of a vaginal device do it incorrectly, as instead of contracting, they push their pelvic muscles, which can easily worsen an incontinence or prolapse problem. . (Waterfield A, Freeman R, Waterfield M, Campbell J).

 To illustrate this, imagine a person who wants to achieve strong and toned biceps. It will be very difficult to achieve his aim if he only performs exercises consisting in raising and lowering his arms with no weight aid. The results will be much better and quicker if he uses some type of weight to exercise his biceps. The same principle applies when exercising the pelvic floor muscles.

 PELVIMAX & PELVIMAX MINI add a weight to the Kegel therapeutic routine, so that the results come better and faster. Furthermore, when using PELVIMAX & PELVIMAX MINI, Kegel exercises are spontaneously and correctly performed. When inserting the spheres inside the vagina, the pubcoccygeus muscle contracts spontaneously to keep the spheres from falling out and so it is constantly exercised during the length of time that the spheres remain inside the vagina. That means that no additional effort is necessary other than tightening the pelvic muscles so that the spheres are kept inside the vagina.

 It is important to walk at a slow pace while the spheres remain inside the vagina, as each movement causes the metallic ball that is embedded inside the spheres to vibrate and generate smooth waves of contractions that stimulate, exercise and massage the pelvic area.

 The spheres make no noise, thus making it possible to perform Kegel exercises without anybody noticing anything.