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Seccion Embarazo adicional2Women’s pelvic floor fulfills a key role during pregnancy and childbirth.

Many are the advantages associated with exercising the pelvic floor muscles (Kegel’s exercices) with PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI before and after pregnancy:

•  Bearing the uterus increasing weight better
•  Avoiding leaks of urine and flatulence
•  Decreasing childbirth duration, reducing or eliminating muscle tears and other similar complications
•  Facilitating a quick and successful recovery after childbirth
•  Avoiding prolapse (descent or hanging) of pelvic organs after delivery
•  Facilitating more pleasant sexual relations

In addition, clinical studies conclude that exercising and reinforcing the pelvic floor muscles before childbirth prevents the risk of urinary incontinence appearance during the last months of pregnancy and during postpartum. (Hay-Smith J, Morkved S, FairbrotherKA, Herbison GP).

 Over 40% of pregnant women (Dominique Gross, Jean Sengler) and 34% of women who have given birth undergo urinary incontinence (Wilson P.D., Herbison R.M., Herbison G.P). Clinical studies show that the three main factors in the development of pelvic prolapse are: age, childbirth and weakened pelvic floor muscles. (Samuelsson EC, Arne Victor FT, Tibblin G, Svardsudd KF).

 Other research shows that exercising pelvic floor muscles provides positive results in the treatment of severe prolapse (Bø K).

Nowadays we know that there is a close connection between child delivery and the possibility of developing a pelvic prolapse in the future. Therefore, it is important to become aware of the need to perform pelvic exercises designed to strengthening pelvic floor muscles, especially for those women who are mothers or have the intention of becoming one in the future.


For some women, the symptoms they experience in the months after child delivery decrease on their own. However, many other women suffer from urinary incontinence even one year after delivery and for many of them persists throughout life, worsening with age.

 Fortunately, research shows that a regular pelvic floor exercise regimen plays an important positive role in recovering muscle tone on the perineal area.

 Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles must be performed throughout life to ensure a healthy state of the pelvic area. Women who have given birth should add these exercises to their usual exercise routine instead of limiting them to their postpartum exercise routine, because as we have already seen, toned pelvic floor muscles can avoid several medical problems.

We recommend consulting your physician about the right moment to begin using PELVIMAX or PELVIMAX MINI after giving birth. Generally, the right moment is after postpartum quarantine. If you have undergone an episiotomy, you must wait until it is totally healed.